Remember The Temptations singing about “sunshine on a cloudy day?”  The Suffers’ “Do Whatever” music video is that sunshine.

The Suffers haven’t released a project since their self-titled debut LP two years ago. But that hasn’t stopped the Houston-hailing group from giving the people the records they need, at exactly the right time. For example, The Suffers dropped off “I Think I Love You,” the first taste of their upcoming ‘Everything Here’ sophomore album, just in time for Cuffing Season. And a month ago, they shared ‘Everything Here’s’ second single, “Do Whatever.” (Oh, and lead vocalist Kam Franklin served up smooth remakes of rock staples from The Deftones and A Perfect Circle on her ‘Nu Metals’ EP back in January, too).

“Do Whatever” feels just like sunny weather. Its tinkling keys, funky horns, and smooth percussion combine for an upbeat, big-band-sounding record, that Franklin’s locals sparkle and pop over. Who’s to stop listeners from living their best lives when Kam is insisting that “do whatever is right?”

On Tuesday, The Suffers gave “Do Whatever” an official set of visuals, and its concept is right on time for those who tend to get lost in the daily grind.

“In my old corporate life, I often found myself in far too many meetings that could have been emails,” Kam Franklin said of the video on Twitter. “This music video is a testament to that, and makes me appreciate those team-building nights with the old work homies so much more.”

Director Nate Edwards depicts Franklin and the group at work, with everyone mostly bored until it’s suggested they go out for some karaoke. They then cross under 288 and make their way to The Secret Group, picking up Sama’an Ashrawi along the way and ultimately breaking up the monotony with a little bit of joy. “Do Whatever’s” video is just as fun as the actual song. It reminds us all that nothing builds morale quite like drinks, drunken crooning, and dancing without a care in the world.

Watch The Suffers’ “Do Whatever” video for yourself up top. Although the group’s ‘Everything Here’ album won’t release until later this summer on July 13th (7-1-3, get it?), you can grab “Do Whatever” as a single off iTunes now.