The “Bad Boy Extended Mix” of Super Cat’s timeless “Dolly My Baby” record gets a second life in 2018, as the latest entrant in Jay-Von’s freestyle run.

Perhaps the best thing about Jay-Von’s current Friday Freestyle run, is that it has shown how versatile he can be. The Mo. City emcee may be making short work of many a classic track, but he’s not randomly choosing records. Every beat is picked with a purpose, whether they’re New York classics or Southside anthems.

The Picture My Vision spitter goes in a different direction on his “Dolly My Baby Freestyle,” dropping rhymes over the “Bad Boy Extended Mix” of dancehall artist Super Cat’s “Dolly My Baby” single. It’s a departure for Jay-Von, because he hasn’t yet tackled an island-flavored beat despite the wealth of freestyles he’s released thus far. But don’t mistake absence for inadequacy: “Dolly My Baby Freestyle” is all about displaying Jay-Von’s skill.

Under the ever-watchful eye of DJ MoSama, frequent collaborator Relli and George Young are on the boards to bring Super Cat’s production back to life. Vonzilla promises in the freestyle’s opening lines that he’ll “spit this sh*t Jamaican,” and that’s exactly what he does. Jay-Von compares himself to Shabba Ranks even while paying homage to the Notorious B.I.G.’s appearance on the Bad Boy Mix (“if they tryna compete, they must be Ready to Die”). And cleverly adopts a Jamaican inflection to his voice at the 1:42 mark, namedrops Tiffany Haddish and Mad Lion, and acknowledges the women with the duttiest wine with one hilarious mention. There’s no talking outro on “Dolly My Baby Freestyle,” because by the time it ends, Jay-Von’s already accomplished what he intended to: proving that he can switch it up and still maintain his momentum.

Take a listen to Jay-Von’s “Dolly My Baby Freestyle,” produced by George Young and Relli, for yourself down below.