Mo. City emcee Jay-Von’s Freestyle Friday series continues as he drops bars over Busta Rhymes’ “Everything Remains Raw.”

“I hear U say a lot, but you never doin’ nothin’…”

For someone who hails from Texas, Jay-Von loves doing work over East Coast records.

The Picture My Vision emcee’s “Freestyle Friday” series has had him tackle the likes of Eric B & Rakim, Amil, and MC Shan to name a few. Vonzilla gets back on his New York tip once again on his “Everything Remains Raw” freestyle,” reviving ’90s era Busta Rhymes in 2018.

Over the course of two minutes, the Mo. City rapper’s flow bobs and weaves between Relli’s recreation of Easy Mo Bee’s bass-heavy beat, with DJ MoSama overseeing the whole thing. The “Everything Remains Raw” freestyle is all for Jay-Von to display his cleverness, though. He likens himself to the Dallas shooter, except “I only killed the beat.” He makes a nod to his “Jay-Von ’til the day is done” tagline. He blasts the competition, calling them “funny like Adam Sandler” and blasting their work ethic by insisting he’s always at work in the studio while other rappers are humoring groupies. And when his ex reaches out to him, he coldly yet hilariously insists that he makes her “pay me a fee to even breathe on her.” Once it’s all said and done, that leaves Jay-Von with a minute left to hype up himself and the PMV brand, even invoking Busta Rhymes’ close on the original “Everything Remains Raw” with his “there’s only one year left” chant.

There’s one more thing, too, though. When Vonzilla says, “I’m killin’ emcees from A to Z” during his spoken outro, he’s not just talking just to talk. A closer look at the rapper’s freestyle literally contains a mention of every letter in the alphabet, before concluding with the line, “I never let her (letter).”

Take a listen to Jay-Von’s “Everything Remains Raw (Freestyle” for yourself down below.