A VERY special streetwear blog post. Enjoy.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

This post is one of thanks and gratitude.

Thanks to ACTBADD Magazine’s Daniel Martinez for taking a meeting with me.

Kudos to my Curators of Dopeness Blog staff members: Tominique, Elizabeth, Rocko, Renzo (for taking a risk and writing on a blog that did not talk about music much, if at all).

Thanks to T. Piper for asking me to come on to the Day & A Dream staff.

Thanks to my wife, Dara, for encouraging me to go back to school and get a A.A.S. in Fashion Merchandising, while letting me pursue this because I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel (but I still had to keep the day job, haha)! #Benefits

I thank my mother (RIP) and father (RIP) for both being hard on me and telling me to keep God first in all that I do.

I started doing this streetwear writing on a whim.

In hindsight, I knew where it COULD go, but didn’t know where and how it would take me there.

Now, I made a few goals, with plans to work steadily to accomplish them.

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I will make it, by the grace of God.

D3 The Concrete AKA David

P.S. – I’m still the #BestDressedRapperInTexas, so don’t get it twisted. Dirty & Nasty is still out ‘chea.