Time runs out for one unlucky man in KenTheMan’s “Be Careful” music video.

The thing about chances is, no matter how many times they’re given, sooner or later, you’ll eventually run out of them.

Over the course of her last few songs and freestyles, KenTheMan has warned the men in her life to step up or step away. She realized on her worth on “Deserve.” She cut off her feelings on “You Ain’t Special.” But on “Be Careful,” the Houston emcee’s latest freestyle over Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ cut of the same name, Ken finally got fed up. The song’s bridge alone has her singing, “This not a threat, it’s a promise: stop f*cking with me!” While the freestyle was initially dropped on Soundcloud in early April, the rapper gave it an official set of visuals last week.

From its very first shot, which has Ken dragging a body in a garbage bag down a neighborhood street as the rapper herself wears a blood-stained wedding dress, “Be Careful” takes no prisoners. Co-directors Drake Studios made sure to show both sides of KenTheMan: the disappointed-to-the-point-of-anger woman in her dress, as red and blue flash before her; and the woman who lets men know what they’re missing, adorned in all black with the lace leggings.

Granted, viewers will never see the body. Viewers will never see what Ken did to the man who broke her heart. They’ll never see if KenTheMan is caught by the police and carted away. They don’t need to. All they need to see is Ken’s frustration. She calls her lady parts “a privilege.” She says the only reason they argue is because she tells the truth. And, in a clever play on words, she tells her victim, “You could’ve danced with a star/ now you gonna dance with the Devil.”

Watch KenTheMan’s “Be Careful” music video for yourself up top. The rapper’s ‘What A Beautiful F*ckin’ Day’ project is coming sooner than later.