A piece of advice: don’t just look for clothing to wear one day! These are things you can celebrate in year round!

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

Coming from a person that has not, nor will ever, smoke weed, I DO; however, appreciate the effort and time that goes into designing clothing that celebrates the lifestyle of cannabis.

I don’t want to blow your high, so I am going to stop writing and show you the classic pieces of streetwear and sneakers that exemplify the best and baddest in the world of weed.

Hat: Snoop Dogg’s Chronic Cap

1992: The cap that started it all. The Chronic, by Dr. Dre, was the mainstream album debut of a rapper named Snoop Doggy Dogg. In the video for the lead off single, “Nuthin’ But A G Thang”, he wore a cap with a simple design. A simple white cap, complete with a weed leaf embroidered on the front. While I could not find the OG cap for sale online, I did manage to find a close second at the link below, on ETSY of all places.


Clothing: HUF Worldwide

Keith Hufnagel and the boys out in Cali have ALWAYS had an affinity towards the Devil’s Cabbage. So much and so, they have become a master of sorts in the art of what they have chosen to brand as “PlantLife”. Case in point:

These are EVERYWHERE. Search through those pieces at will. They also drop a new collection EVERY YEAR. You can buy the 2018 joints (no pun intented) here.

Sneakers: NIKE (FTW!!)

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Starting in 2010, Nike SB has been dropping 4/20 themed sneakers intermittently to cater to their consumers that like to get high. They also like to make shoes for collectors. All of these sneakers are dope (no pun intended again…), but the ones that I like the most are the ones that I own:

Good luck getting these, because they are available on Flight Club for a outrageous price, IMHO.