After a brief, branding hiatus, New York City emcee Crush Poe returns ready to risk it all on Soldier, an honest record hailing greatness will be achieved by any means necessary. An unapologetic testimony of the trials and tribulations overcome by those who have pledged allegiance to the game, the record reveals Poe’s gentle, lyrical malice that hides behind his poetic charm.

A subtle infusion of Hip Hop and the boom bap, smoothness of Jazz, Pop, and Rock, Crush Poe tells no lies on the Soldier; making no excuse for the great lengths he’s willing to travel to obtain glory. One hundred percent confident in his actions with no fear of consequences, Crush Poe walks with the stature of a street monster armed with a pen and pad. His unique storytelling and personification throughout Soldier highlights Poe’s delicate style and makes him an urban music brand to watch emerging from the 914.

The first of many rebranded releases from Poe, this track is a solid start towards a cash-filled finish line where the repercussions of his sins are nowhere near as great as the return on his investment.