These guys are bringing the people to a city called Trillvill. Population? HOU!

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To those brands that have been gracious enough to reach out to me on social media (@d3theconcrete, if you need a reminder, ha!), I thank you I am grateful for the opportunity to bring brands from the national, local, regional sectors to this platform. It makes me feel really good.

Now, to get on with it: Enter Trillvill Houston (aka TV HOU). Two years ago, a pair of Mexican brothers came together and decided to release their brand for the city.

One of the brothers, Victor, reached out to me and told me that, “Our purpose is to promote the deep rooted culture of Houston through our products and services”.

I think that, for the most part, the Trillvill Houston brand has a lot of time to grow and, if they stay diligent, they will grow in leaps and bounds.

Check out the photo gallery below and shop with them on their website,

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