Jay-Von dons the mantle of former Freestyle Fridays legend Posta Boy on his “Jurassic Houston” freestyle.

BET may be bringing back Freestyle Fridays, but Jay-Von has already done that. The Mo. City emcee has showed no signs of slowing down with dropping a weekly freestyle over a classic beat since the year started.

“I’m glad BET is bringing back Freestyle Fridays, but I know they’re going to tamper with it and it won’t have that same feel,” Jay-Von said in an email. So rather than entrust BET to bring that feeling back, Von decided to do so himself. The result? “Jurassic Houston,” the PMV spitter’s take on Freestyle Friday legend Posta Boy’s sole single.

Under the ever-watchful gaze of DJ MoSama, producer Relli revives one of the lesser-known instrumentals in Swizz Beatz’s catalog. And while though those who have followed Vonzilla know from his freestyling over En Vogue to his honesty alongside Bee Honey on “Typical,” that the rapper is just as great on slower beats, “Jurassic Houston” feels like a different kind of animal.

Perhaps it’s because of how Von legitimately switches to a slow-flow that mimics Posta Boy’s. Listeners almost won’t be able to tell it’s actually him until his signature laugh towards the end of the track surfaces. Or, perhaps, it’s because “Jurassic Houston” shows the rapper’s two sides: the slightly cocky emcee and the street reporter. That’s why he can brag about Picture My Vision as a label “only producing hits – that’s it!” or demand positive vibes only in a slick, threatening manner. At the same time, he can speak on what’s really happening in the city’s streets, whether it’s random kids being shot or women feeling the urge to streetwalk. There’s true spite in Von’s voice when he raps, “Nowadays, n*ggas always getting grazed? Why is that? ‘Cause these motherf*ckas scared to catch a fade!”

Take a listen to Jay-Von’s “Jurassic Houston” down below. As an added bonus, you can hear Von’s blistering freestyle over Eric B & Rakim’s “Know The Ledge” below, as well.