DJ Candlestick of Houston’s The Chopstars chops not slops The Weeknd’s recent EP.

‘My Dear Melancholy,’ The Weeknd’s newest EP, was celebrated because it called to mind the Toronto’s earlier years. Self-destructive songs and melancholy melodies made for a project that was a nice return to form compared to last year’s stellar but different ‘Starboy’ project.

In fact, ‘My Dear Melancholy’s’ low-fi beats and hypnotic instrumentation were almost begging to be chopped and screwed. The Chopstars must have thought the same thing, because Houston’s own DJ Candlestick took it up himself to give the EP the “Chopped Not Slopped” treatment. The result? ‘My Dear Purple Melancholy.’

Those not from Houston will forgive Candlestick for putting James Harden on the cover fool them (though it is a nice touch). What DJ Candlestick does is add a whole new element to ‘My Dear Melancholy’ that the original couldn’t quite reach on its own. He rearranges the order of the EP, so that “Try Me” appears closer towards the end of the mixtape, rather than immediately after “Call Out My Name.” While that may throw listeners off, hearing the chopped not slopped version of “Wasted Times” following Candlestick’s turning “Call Out My Name” into a purple lullaby, is a smooth combo.

“Hurt You” is breathtaking in the DJ’s hands, slowed down to a smooth ride. And the chopped not slopped version of “I Was Never There” has to be heard to be believed. Candlestick goes the extra mile especially on this one, chopping and rewinding the track’s intro instrumentation in a perfect purple tease before The Weeknd’s melodies, slowed down even more, take over and take flight.

Take a listen to The DJ Candlestick x The Weeknd’s ‘My Dear Purple Melancholy’ for yourself down below.