The phrase is Japanese for “The Children’s Forest”.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

More information about myself: Japanese culture is dope!

When I was 8 years old, I wrote a journal entry in my Trapper Keeper (remember those?) that said, “My favorite place in the world, that I want to go to, is Tokyo, Japan, because of the technology.” Eight. Years. Old.

Reason: I used to watch this show called “Beyond 2000” on Discovery Channel and about 85% of the “future” was in the Land of the Rising Sun and I wanted to be there.

Anyway, fast forward to the present. I meet Ezla Lewis, founder and creative director of PALACOSE, a clothing brand where streetwear coolness meets high fashion precision.

Ezla Lewis

Last month, Lewis and the people over at PALACOSE decided to premiere their Fall/Winter 2018 collection, “Mori No Kodomo”. 

All these pieces look cool, but what I like most are the little TREES! Watch the video below and as always, put how you feel in the comments below!