Easter proves the perfect opportunity for Preach Coltrain to share “Resurrection Love,” his new single featuring Jonquel and Wolfe de Mçhls.

Before you even get into “Resurrection Love,” Preach Coltrain’s latest single released yesterday, it’s worth taking in its powerful artwork.

The Houston emcee once known as “Express” has always appreciated the symbolism in things. After all, this is a man who made a mixtape inspired by the Highlander film series and who dropped loaded metaphors alongside Lyric Levelle on “2 Dope Boyz.” For “Resurrection Love,” a Black woman’s hand is being guided to touch a Black Jesus in the place, Biblically, where he would’ve been stabbed with the Holy Lance. But one can’t tell exactly if she’s hurting or healing him. That’s for the song itself to communicate.

Wolfe de Mçhls handles production on “Resurrection Love,” providing a smooth beat and gospel choir-esque vocals towards the track’s end. Houston crooner Jonquel’s light vocals two-step over the instrumental on “Resurrection’s” hook. And Coltrain’s delivery is measured yet heavy. Because Christ could rise up from the cross and forgive, Preach’s logic is that he and his lady should be able to forgive and fight for one another, too.

I don’t really want you to see me like this/ most days, I don’t even want to be me,” Preach admits in the first verse, after inviting his lady over to vent but not being in the mood to talk. In the second, he makes clever Biblical references to casting stones and losing religion while breaking down the sacrifices he made in the relationship. Still, he has to be honest – he knows he needs his woman, in spite of it all.

Preach Coltrain’s current tagline is “You Don’t Have to Go To Church.” On “Resurrection Love,” Preach brings the church to the people. Hear the single for yourself down below, and download it completely free here.