The Alief hybrid artist can clearly rap like a rapper

Go DJ Xo, keeps proving to the world that he is here to out work everybody. This year already, he has produced on of the hardest projects out, Propain’s 7, then he dropped on of the hottest tracks “Money Round Here,” and now he’s back rapping his ass off in new video “On Us.”

It seems like the sole purpose of the video is for Xo to look good while he showcases his lyrical abilities. Don’t get me misunderstood, the Alief baby, Xo, is already well-respected for making fire tracks. He could be the producer on one track, could be singing on another or he could be the one who delivers a mean 16, which ever one he decides to do, he’s normally killing it, but in this new video, he takes clearly elevated his metaphorical skills. It’s evident he did because on the track, he alluded to one of Houston’s best lyricist, Doughbeeezy. During the song, he say’s: “Look at me, this my season, life ain’t never been easy, I’m about to rap Doughbeezy.”

This short video does nothing less than show the world that if Xo wanted to go line-for line, he could. For a minute and 59 seconds, he straight punish the beat with no letting up. Check out Xo’s metaphorical-filled flow on “On Us” below.