The future of streetwear is female. These four brands are the example.

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We are at the end of National Women’s Month, so it would behoove me to write an article to give you 4 female-owned & operated brands that are the top of their game. All of these brands are founded, helmed, and designed by women. Most of all, they are all DOPE.


Adrienne Williams, founder of MSRPRSNTD, was one of the dynamic individuals that I met at COMPLEXCON last November.

Her booth, filled with photograph emblazoned skate decks, was very popular, sharing their space with Skateistan, a non-profit organization built on empowering the youth of the third world to skate. MSRPRSNTD is NOT a brand. They are an INTERSECTIONALITY movement. Peace to you, Adrienne.


Fun fact: I put my wife on to this brand.

Straight up. I have been a fan ever since I saw her designs on Kid Sister (y’all remember that song, Pro Nails? Kanye was on that song!)

Anyway, the Persian law student, turned designer felt that she HAD to be a designer. These are the kind of people who I like to see WIN: those that do not refuse the earnest desire calling them to their, as she Ehsani put in her bio, “divine blueprint”. She has definitely done so. Salute to you, Melody. Keep making dope s**t.


Indian-Canadian designer duo Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar realized that in order for NORBLACK NORWHITE to bring some original flavor to the streetwear game, they had to take it back to their roots. So, they moved to India. This was another brand that I had the extreme pleasure of seeing at COMPLEXCON last year. Stellar colors. Powerful expression. Did I mention that they also make men’s clothing as well? Check them out here.


Last brand, but most certainly NOT least, Rebel Soul Collective, under the leadership and creative direction of Marcia Lopez, is the definition of being unapologetically female. Lopez, as stated on the brand’s site, is a one-woman wrecking crew and she has the resumé to prove it (Hot Topic, James Jeans, ALDO).

This piece that I saw of her’s, when I met the brand at AGENDA in January, was the talk of the show:

You can buy that here.

Kudos to all the ladies on this list! If you know of any other women killing it in streetwear, PLEASE put them in the comments below!