Watch 2Chainz, YG, and Offset’s moms get down in the music video for 2Chainz’s “PROUD” single.

The American Dream says that if you work hard and stay committed, you can be successful in this country.

The African-American Dream is a little more simple but just as important: Black folks, at the core, just want to make their mothers proud. Graduating from college, landing that big job, even getting to that financial point where you can buy your mom a new car or a new house. It’s all about that joy and pride you bring to your mom.

That’s the spirit behind 2Chainz’s “PROUD.” The YG and Offset-assisted track was one of the standout cuts off the rapper’s ‘The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It’ EP, upbeat and likely to inspire a twerk or two from the ladies. And earlier this week, “PROUD” got an official music video to go along with it.

The visuals for “PROUD,” which 2Chainz co-directed with Howard Ross, are set in Atlanta and feature the clever addition of the rappers’ actual mothers. While the concept was teased on Instagram last month, it’s amazing to see its execution because the moms actually mimic their sons’ respective styles.

2Chainz’s mother dons his trademark tracksuit look and rocks the “TRU” chain as she raps his verses. YG’s mom is adorned in red while rapping, getting hype with her son; and YG reminds viewers that he loves the kids, riding a bike through the neighborhood as a posse of young ones wearing red bandanas follow him around. As for the trap house the kids are painting over during YG’s appearance? That’s the base of operations for Offset’s mama, wearing an icy “OFFSET” chain and keeping track of the funds, ensuring that the bags remain secured.

2Chainz’s “The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It” EP, on which “PROUD” appears, is out now on iTunes.