Frank Knight

MorValues’s own Frank Knight blast off from the booth to Mars with the high strung, mixed media visual for his track Look At Me. Energy fueled bars launched by Knight’s irate tone and Brooklyn bred flow, paired with incredible cinematography and post-production by Mic Dee, teleports viewers from behind their screens and into Knight’s world.

Known for turning simplistic concepts into otherworldly visuals, Knight ignited onto the scene after his desire to build his community and his love for music merged. An urban sound reflecting the struggle and triumph of all people, Knight’s unique style separated him from the flock of New York underground rappers striving for a spot amongst the stars and solidified him as a brand to watch out for.

Slim in comparison to any other entertainer on the east coast indie scene, Knight is an embodiment of talent, lyricism, and presence. Well regarded as upper Big Apple echelon, Frank Knizza, as he is called, returns with another banger for the Hip Hop heads who make up the bulk of his cult-like following. As the camera enters his creative space, Frank Knight puts on – in many ways. With Look At Me, metaphors on top of entendre, Frank Knight delivers as per his usual.