Watch Houston’s hottest star turn up in money-indulged video.

Don Toliver is on an astronomical wave right now and his level up is clear in his new video “Checks.” Dope Visuals did a perfect job displaying Toliver’s potential boss status in the rap game as a new comer.  In the visual, Toliver is sitting in a carousel throne smoking a boss like backwood surrounded by baddies and large lump sums of money. Talk about enjoying the fruits of life. Houston’s jewel God, Johnny Dang also makes a cameo in the video as well.

The video “Checks” is definitely a luxurious and futuristic video. While Toliver is sitting, spinning, smoking and counting money like a boss, his circumference is a thunderous Matrix-esque digital background. Some may say weird, trippy or whatever, but I call it liberal creativity. Today’s leading hip hop stars have deviated from the traditional norm and creative all new waves. That’s what exactly what Toliver did in his new video “Checks.”

Recently the Alief-born emcee announced that is Donny Womack mixtape is coming. maybe this track would be there if not, at least we get to enjoy the visual. Check out “Checks” below and tell us what you think.