How a fabric from our childhood is making its way back into streetwear, through sneakers.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street. (Y’all like that header up there? I think I’m gonna start doing that from now on. As Chazz Michael Michaels, of “Blades of Glory” once said, “[It] gets the people goin’!)

Denim, khaki, satin, : these are all fabrics that have stood the test of time, since people have begun to wear clothing, purely for the sake of the look. However, there is a fabric that, since its inception during the 18th century, has had a polarizing effect on society and that is corduroy.

Case in point: I had a pair of green Girbaud corduroy pants that looked similar to the ones above.

I liked them a lot. If I wore them now, I would get made fun of SO BAD… but, maybe not, because vintage.

Bad things about corduroy: the stiffness, the noisiness when you walk, and when they get wet, YOU CAN’T CLEAN THEM!

Good thing about corduroy: the picture above. Corduroy the Bear, a cute bedtime story about a lovable bear who is in pursuit of a lost button on his corduroy overalls.

Another thing about corduroy: for many of us, it brings back great memories from childhood. How do I know this? I know this because people who are at the sneaker companies are putting it on SHOES! Take a look:

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These come out on 3.26.18 – Sean Wotherspoon, founder of Round Two designed his own shoes: the Nike Air Max 1/97 Hybrid. $160. Air Max 1 sole and Air Max 97. Buy them on Nike SNKRS.

For the adidas brand fans, the NMD is a popular silhouette under the 3 STRIPES. The upper of this sneaker is completely corduroy. No release or price information about these yet, but feel free to search the depths of the internet for them!

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Lastly, the least expensive of the shoes that we are covering, California based Vans collaborates with Opening Ceremony on the Vans Era LX. Hurry and get these shoes, because when I last checked, they were selling VERY quickly.