Karma becomes a voodoo priestess in Kiana Ledé’s “Fairplay” music video.

Few things are worse than being played in love. But wrongdoing will always come back to haunt the person who did it.

Just ask Kiana Ledé. The lovely singer-songwriter is best known for starring in MTV’s Scream TV series, but now she’s aiming to be recognized for her music, as well. Kiana’s breakout single, “Fairplay,” was released last fall and quickly gained over a million streams on Spotify. Now, following an appearance on the recent Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack and with a debut EP on the way, Ledé has given “Fairplay” an official music video to match.

“I wrote this song when I went through a messy breakup,” Ledé told Refinery29, who officially premiered the music video. “I needed that relationship to end so I could grow. [But] A lot of good things were happening to me after that, so I thought, ‘Man, that’s karma.'”

While karma is often referred to with a certain five letter word, the video for “Fairplay” might make viewers call karma a voodoo priestess instead. That’s because Ledé, though she hails from Arizona, chose to set “Fairplay’s” visuals in New Orleans.

Directors Miles and AJ capture the beauty of New Orleans as much as they do of the singer herself, with wide shots of the swamp and the city streets alive as the singer walks through them. But Ledé’s pretty eyes stare into the camera with intensity, too, and she looks regal while wearing a red dress on a boat. Beneath all that beauty, is a woman with a bone to pick behind getting her heart broken. Ledé sings on the song’s bridge, “Sh*t gon come around full circle – I’ll flip the script on you,” and “Fairplay’s” visuals show exactly that. Kiana recruits a friend to seduce her former lover while they’re in a bar. Then, when they’re alone, she makes him pay, the New Orleans way.

Watch the video for Kiana Ledé’s “Fairplay” single up top. Though Lede’s as-yet-untitled EP has no set release date just yet, “Fairplay” can be purchased now on iTunes.