Jax Yohana’s “Curious” single, featuring Erva Carter, gets an official set of visuals.

Somewhere in Houston, Texas, Hope Carter is saying “I told you so” again.

Last year, our fellow DreamLifer met producer-musician Jax Yohana prior to his performing at the Madness on Main festival, and branded him “the most slept-on rapper in Houston.” Fast-forward to 2018, and Yohana has a new single out with Erva Carter, entitled “Curious.” “Curious” as a song is simple enough – it’s about meeting the right person at exactly the right time, who makes you want to do all the right things for them.. and maybe a few wrong things WITH them, too.

Earlier this week, Jax Yohana shared an official set of visuals for “Curious.” And if your curiosity is piqued as to why Hope chose to highlight Jax, the music video is a pretty good place to start.

Yohana plays the man who fell under Erva’s spell, the Alien Girl of the H’s seducing and entrancing the camera whether she’s posing for bathroom selfies in lingerie or creeping through a convenience store in all Black. “I’m a grown woman, let’s do grown things,” Carter insists, her hypnotic vocals floating atop smooth, keys-laden instrumentation courtesy of Yohana and co-producer Justin “8mos” Lewis. “Step in outer space – you know, them Strange Things.

But make no mistake: there’s a reason Erva chose Yohana to walk the downtown Houston sidewalks and crash a corner store with. Yohana’s swag is impeccable, and director Nathan Sanchez makes him stand out, juxtaposing Jax’s dope red letterman and blue car with the shadows and using color and light to his advantage. Jax might sneak a nice line in his verse about there being a “party next door” so he and his lady should hop in the “6.” But when it’s him and her, the games are over. “You know you got it on lock,” Jax admits on the track. “This sh*t is serious.”

Watch Jax Yohana’s “Curious” video, featuring Erva Carter, for yourself up top.