On “Pimp Tha Pen Freestyle,” Jay-Von drops clever bars and pays homage to Houston legend Lil’ KeKe.

“This the H – we don’t mumble sh*t! Really be on that other sh*t!”

Jay-Von has been as committed as ever to dropping a new freestyle every Friday. Not even a trip to Austin to SXSW was going to stop the Mo. City rapper and Picture My Vision affiliate from getting out his weekly bars.

For his most recent Friday Freestyle, Jay-Von paid homage to a Houston legend by dropping heat over Lil’ KeKe’s classic “Pimp The Pen.”

Jay-Von’s “Pimp The Pen Freestyle” is more or less a crash course in Houston culture, under the guise of hilarious punchlines, local name-dropping, and a flow that will call to mind the Screwed Up Click era in the ’90s. George Young co-produced the track with Jay-Von and then the emcee passed it on to his most trusted collaborators.

“Relli mixed and mastered the beat that George and I made together,” Jay-Von told Day & A Dream via email. “From there, DJ MoSama oversaw what Relli did and actually gave me the inspiration to redo the classic.” The beat is even slowed down in part homage to DJ Screw.

For Jay-Von, it’s just the kind of instrumental he can flex on. “Really do our own thang, really got our own slang,” Vonzilla crows on the freestyle, making sure that the H gets its proper credit. “Atlanta say ‘Pipe It Up,’ H-Town say ‘comin’ down!” But the “Pimp Tha Pen Freestyle” is great because it’s an exercise in Vonzilla’s ability to layer references with ease. He cites Paul Wall’s “Swangin’ in the Rain” while acknowledging that Houstonians will stunt and drive through any weather. He describes how Harvey tried and failed to keep the city down. It’s skill… but it’s pretty ill, as well.

Listen to Jay-Von’s “Pimp The Pen Freestyle,” featuring Relli and George Young, for yourself down below. As a bonus, the emcee hit the Austin streets with his Picture My Vision labelmates for SXSW ’18. Inspired in part by his participation in the Premium Sonics set alongside Seano Phresh and Noah Nova, Vonzilla put together a playlist of acts in ATX this past weekend, entitled “After the SX 2.” You can check that out here via Apple Music.