Hear Rayana Jay set Sy Ari Da Kid’s “Priorities” single on fire in a new cover.

Rayana Jay knows how to set a mood. The singer might know exactly what to say to turn you off when she’s not feeling you (see, last year’s “Everything”). But if she DOES catch feelings? Then she’s capable of something like “One More Time,” off her underappreciated ‘Morning After’ EP from last fall. Or like “2:30 (Remastered),” from her 2018 Valentine’s Day project, ‘Love, Rayana.’

Back in 2016, Sy Ari Da Kid shared ‘B4 The Heartbreak,” the fourth release of his “Heartbreak” series of albums. One of the gems off ‘B4?’ A collaboration with Bryson Tiller entitled “Priorities,” about putting your lover on the back-burner and missing out on something good in the process. While Sy Ari’s bluesy version is solid in its own right, Cali songbird Rayana chose to revive the track in 2018 for her own cover.

Unlike the original’s collab, Rayana Jay holds down her “Priorities – Cover” solo. Thanks in part to some smooth mixing and mastering by Jonathan Howard, Illa Jones, TEAUXNY, and Sy Ari’s beat becomes the perfect slow burn for Jay’s voice to creep along. Rayana only offers up her take on the hook and the song’s opening verse, but she breathes new life into the lyrics in the process. “Trust me like you used to, boy – want me like you used to, babe,” Rayana seductively pleads as she makes the case for the lover she neglected to take her back. “Priorities” is supposed to be a sad song. But Jay’s vocals over this scaled-back beat, transform it into a sizzling slow jam.

Take a listen to Rayana Jay’s smoldering cover of Sy Ari Da Kid’s “Priorities” for yourself down below.