Enfenit finds solace in his lonesome for “Fell Back.”

Enfenit (pronounced Infinite) understands the grasp of having a career depends on people understanding his desires. Nobody will want your career more than you do, especially in regards to music. A month after premiering “Fell Back,” as a single, the Houston rapper premieres the video right here at Day & A Dream.

From financial struggles to romantic issues, “Fell Back” covers many topics while the rapper dances around cadences and flows atop of a Houston area rooftop. “The song was written to inspire and embrace the importance of the bounce back over the setback. There’s so much growth that comes with a bounce back and it always over powers the set back,” he says of the track. True enough, the video puts him up front and center, fearless in regards to making things pop while being cautious of how he’ll be accepted.

Watch “Fell Back” from Enfenit up top. You can stream his self-titled EP below via SoundCloud.