Watch the trailer for the upcoming LaKeith Stanfield-led comedy flick, ‘Sorry to Bother You.’

LaKeith Stanfield has come a long, long way in a very short time.

Most may have forgotten Stanfield’s brief – yet startlingly on point – portrayal of a young Snoop Dogg in ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ his time onscreen as Jimmie Lee Jackson in Ava DuVernay’s ‘Selma’ film, or his role as Bug in ‘DOPE.’ In recent years, though, Stanfield has been impossible to miss. He damn near outshined Donald Glover on Glover’s breakout FX series, ‘Atlanta,’ in its debut season in 2016; and he’s on pace to do it again in the show’s “Robbin Season” in 2018, too. To say nothing of his scene-stealing appearance in the Academy Award-winning Jordan Peele flick ‘Get Out.’ But that’s exactly what LaKeith is good at – giving the smallest roles the largest life.

This summer, Stanfield won’t have to worry about making people notice his character for once. ‘Sorry to Bother You,’ the upcoming directorial debut from rapper-activist Boots Riley, will mark Stanfield’s first leading role in a motion picture to date. Premiered at Sundance this past January, ‘Sorry to Bother You’s’ official trailer was released to the public this week.

Set in an alternate reality in Oakland, California, the film follows a Black man (Stanfield) who takes on a new job as a telemarketer. He learns the key to success after being informed by a coworker (Danny Glover in a chuckle-worthy cameo) that he should “use his white voice.” Success does indeed follow Stanfield after he adopts a more “user-friendly” tone, but that success comes with consequences, too. The film’s unique premise and its star-powered cast, boasting the likes of Tessa Thompson, Omari Hardwick, Terry Crews, and Armie Hammer, make it understandable why ‘Sorry to Bother You’s’ early reviews are already chock-full of praise. And the early visuals are just as compelling. Tessa Thompson – who’s also slated to appear in Janelle Monae’s album-movie ‘Dirty Computer’ – plays Stanfield’s love interest and particularly stands out in the trailer, with her provocative “swimsuit” and her pair of earrings that immediately make a statement.

‘Sorry to Bother You’ touches down in theaters this summer, on July 6th. You can watch the trailer for yourself up top.