L.E.$. delivers the perfect tribute to Stone Cold Steve Austin in music form on his new album, Texas Rattlesnake.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a beloved figure all over the world. But he may be most respected and adored in the great state of Texas. The wrestling legend, after all, proudly comes from the small town of Victoria (and carries his city with him everywhere he goes by way of a tattoo on his ankle). And it was his personality and penchant to raise hell, that can largely be credited for helping the WWE win the “Monday Night Wars” and creating the greatest memories of the “Attitude Era.”

While Stone Cold doesn’t wrestle anymore, his legacy still holds. Many people still consider Steve Austin to be their all-time favorite wrestler. And one Texan in particular chose to pay proper homage to Stone Cold.

L.E.$., who managed to set free four projects over the course of twelve months in 2017, dedicated his first project of 2018, ‘Texas Rattlesnake,’ to the wrestling legend. Sadly, L.E.$ doesn’t don Austin’s token skull-bearing vest on the album cover art. The Houston rapper does, however, proudly carry Stone Cold’s customized WWE championship while standing in a wrestling ring, an actual rattlesnake coiled at his feet.

Released fittingly on March 16th (“3:16”), Texas Rattlesnake clocks in at 11 tracks, each song named after something that can be associated with Stone Cold. The album intersperses audio clips from Austin’s time in the WWE with riding instrumentation and L.E.$.’s measured flow, and it’s all assembled quite nicely. For example, a clip of Austin deeming himself “the bottom line” leads right into track 4, of course titled “Bottom Line.”

Slim Thug (on album standout “Stone Cold”) and Wes Blanco are ‘Texas Rattlesnake’s’ only features, allowing L.E.$. to hold down the fort for the brunt of the album. On “Whoop Ass,” L.E.$ says his competition is no competition, pointing out that “n*ggas stay comin’ and goin’, but ain’t outlasting me,” and making a clever ‘Black Panther’ reference. “6 Beers” relies on a scaled-back, guitar-and-snare driven instrumental that flips and changes between the verses, L.E.$. swaggering down the beat like Austin would down the entrance wrap. And “No Mercy,” a single-in-the-making with a chopped-and-screwed hook, has L.E.$ Mudhole Stomping and talks his shit. He not only insists that he “just wants to be rich – n*gga, fuck the Fame!”; but kicks his flow into overdrive especially on the second verse.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s legacy is eternal, but for 33 minutes, L.E.$. gives the wrestling legend the theme music he might’ve wished he had while he was guzzling beers and taking names. Stream L.E.$. ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ LP for yourself down below, and grab it now off iTunes.