de'vante hunter february

De’Vante finds appreciation in those that appreciate the craft.

The first beat on February, an LP curated specifically for the Brown Sugar, Crooklyn fan in the world is a guitar chop of Erykah Badu’s “Love Of My Life.” De’Vante Hunter is gushing over his lady while doing his best not to shed his tough guy exterior. “You keep it real like Jemele Hill,” he raps.

February doesn’t hide its duality. Hunter admits he’s fighting off the sins of his father in how he treated his mother and how he doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes. But he’s head over heels in love now. He wants to give up his last name and adore his woman, the same woman his mama already loves. With Keith Butler handling guest vocals throughout and Lix1000 producing the bulk of the EP, there’s a synergy that lasts throughout the EP. More often than not, Hunter’s demeanor was about protection, of himself and his little girl. That was the ethos of last April’s Still Waiting. February extends that even further. It’s not all about him and he wants to walk this complicated road with his number one, forever.

Stream De’Vante Hunter’s latest EP below via Bandcamp.