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When you get an email from one of the big-wigs about an article, then you GOTTA do a piece on it! Haha! Fortunately, its on a topic, about which I have a strong opinion.

First off, one must understand that FASHION operates in cycles. STYLE lasts FOREVER.

The chunky shoe phenomenon is one that is starting to resurface as many other things do:

  1. to make an ironic statement
  2. to make something mundane “cool” (remember “normcore”?)
  3. to make one part of society feel more disconnected and marginalized because, even if it looks like something they have, they cannot afford THIS version of it (i.e. – Payless brand shoes like “Pro-Wings” or “Attack Forces”).

I will say this: there are some shoes that, IF I had the money, I would buy and wear in a HEARTBEAT! Here are my picks:

adidas Yeezy Desert Rat 500 – REASON(s): I’m a fan of Kanye. You can’t go wrong with an all-Black shoe. It looks cool!

adidas x Raf Simons Ozweego 3 – REASON(s): A clean shoe, for a person with NO desire to walk anywhere.


Spaulding Hakeem Olajuwon – Reason: Because, Houston.

Gucci Rhyton Sneaker – Reason: This is the classiest $820 sneaker that I have seen (You can also get this shoe for $740, sans the GG logo).

But y’all don’t hear me though…

I guess I’ll just have to cop some of these:

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