Dallas-born but L.A.-residing songbird Yolanda Nicole marries nostalgic sound with solid storytelling on her debut EP, ‘Halfmoon.’

When people talk about feeling nostalgia for ’90s-era R&B, it’s often because they miss the feeling associated with it. R&B artists in the ’90s made it a point to show vulnerability and honesty, and it didn’t need drugs or alcohol to fuel the emotions.

Yolanda Nicole is making it her mission to bring the feeling back to R&B.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Yolanda Nicole moved to Nevada with her family, where she completed her schooling. Although Yolanda has a degree in Criminal Justice, she found her true passion in music, and moved on to L.A. to pursue her dreams of singing full-time. And last month, after affiliating herself with The Return of Doggystyle Records brand, Yolanda Nicole released her first big fruit of that passion – her debut EP, entitled ‘Halfmoon.’

A six-track suite, ‘Halfmoon’s’ strength lies in Yolanda Nicole’s willingness to bare her soul. “Train Wreck,” the EP’s intro cut and self-assessing lead single, sets a tone for everything that follows it. On “Who to Blame,” the singer reflects on a relationship that disintegrated due to her man’s lack of effort. “Why do you do the things you do to me, boy?” Yolanda asks on the song’s hook, as a woman pushed to her breaking point. She even summons the old ’90s trick of addressing her lady listeners in the song’s final minute in a sort of “woman to woman.”

“I paint a pretty picture, but I’m not so sweet…” – Yolanda Nicole, “Train Wreck”

Though it starts out slow in the beginning, ‘Halfmoon’ picks up the pace in its second half, starting with the upbeat “Cadillac Deville (Remix).” If “Anywhere” is the slow and sensual Yolanda Nicole, “Cadillac Deville (Remix)” is a little more flirty, with an instrumental that calls to mind radio records from girl groups of the ’00s. “Sit back, relax, enjoy the show,” Yolanda tells her man, plotting on giving him a good time. And EP standout cut “Get To You,” featuring Sterling John, merges the nostalgic feel of the “snap music” era with the desire to connect the object of her affection.

The chirps on “You Know How It Is.” The layered and hypnotic synths on “Anywhere.” The keys on “Cadillac Deville (Remix).” Everything about ‘Halfmoon’ transports the listener to another time. ‘Halfmoon’ is a tour through the emotions, and the tour guide is a singer who can spit game in one breath and get bodies rocking at a party in the next. Yolanda Nicole knows what’s missing from the modern R&B landscape. For that reason, we believe she has #ThePulse to fill in the gap.

Stream Yolanda Nicole’s ‘Halfmoon’ EP for yourself down below, and grab it now off iTunes.