MC Shan’s “The Bridge” gets a Houston redux on a new Jay-Von freestyle, featuring See Green.

“Jay-Von, you know I’m ridin’ ’til the brakes off!…”

The funny thing about Houston rap is that it makes the world incredibly small. Before Jay-Von became the Picture My Vision ambassador that many know him as, he often spent his as a youngster in Mo. City engaging in lyrical sparring matches after the club with some of his peers. One of those peers in particular? See Green.

In 2018, both men have come a long way from where they first began. Their ability to play well off each other, however, may not have changed much at all. At least, that’s the impression given on Vonzilla’s latest freestyle, “The Bridge,” where he reunites with See Green on MC Shan’s iconic track of the same name.

With DJ MoSama on board once again, producer Relli does his best to recreate Marley Marl’s percussion-heavy instrumental. The drums hit hard but the bars hit a little harder, as both emcees adopt a form of “street poetics,” to use Jay-Von’s words. Jay-Von looks back on his past days as a knucklehead, even while acknowledging that he’s grown up (“got a wife now, so a n*gga think different/way more to live for”). Von then passes the baton to See Green, who kicks the energy up a notch. He, too, “boxed with the demons” as a youngin’, but his mindset had to evolve for him to survive. Sea got through what he did back then, so he could become “so cold with the heaters on” now.

Take a listen to Jay-Von’s “The Bridge Freestyle,” featuring See Green, down below. As a bonus, you can also run Von’s “Imaginary Player Freestyle” below as well, his shortest freestyle yet which may also be one of his most sobering to date.