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I have really been on my art kick lately, due to my exposure to the RAW Artist showcase at the end of February. In my time there, I was able to link up with, connect with, and talk to a plethora of artists. This photographer, who I got a chance to talk with the other day, is a H-Town transplant, who came from North Carolina.

Today, Jordan Kirkpatrick and I discuss the perils of human trafficking, the female form, and not becoming stagnant in the art world.

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(All photos are from Jordan Kirkpatrick.)


Who are you & where are you from?
My name is Jordan Kirkpatrick. I’m originally from North Carolina, but moved to Houston, Texas about six years ago.

How did you get into photography?
I decided at around 12 years old that I wanted to be a documentary photographer to speak out for victims of human trafficking. I know – what 12-year-old decides they want to do that?! I never really followed through with that when I went to college, instead of doing fine art. I realized that I loved the human body and how I captured it on camera. It looked so different from what every other photographer was creating.

How would you describe the message of your work?
Plain and simple…Keep moving. It doesn’t matter what direction, just don’t become stagnant.

How did you become affiliated with the RAW Artist Showcase?
I heard about RAW a couple of years ago but never looked more into it. Michelle Sears, a
curator for RAW Houston saw my work on Etsy and asked if I might be interested in showcasing
this year.

How can people reach you, so that they can patronize you and/or purchase your artwork?
Instagram: @jkirpattywack

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