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Another artist that I had a chance to meet with at the RAW a few days ago was a. Chipman (aka Michelle Chipman).

I had a chance to interview her about her art, the time that she spent with a cult, and what’s next for her art career.

As always, tell us what you think about the artwork in the comments below.


Who are you & where are you from?
I was born in Rio, Brazil—youngest of nine to a single mother. Understanding where I am from starts with knowing what I was born into (bear with me). My mother joined a cult called The Children of God when she was 18 and raised all us kids in it. I have lived in multiple houses and countries with the only cultural, social, and historical consistency being the cult’s doctrine and culture. So I am not really from anywhere, even though on paper I’m a born-abroad US citizen while being a Brazilian and Chilean citizen. As for the question of who I am? I spent my first 16 years of life in enclosed houses being indoctrinated for hours, the music and tv I was allowed to watch were created by the group, and all conversations were with brain-washed fellow members. Once I left, at 16, I was starting from scratch—all I was before was a vessel for God. I’m 24 now and still very confused of who I am, not the best of answers. I will say not having a defining line of who I am has helped me live a free and wild life.

How did you get into art?
I was told when I was 11 I could not draw to safe my life. This crushed me and I did not try creating till I was 14 and my mother found an artist to teach me a few skills. It was the equivalent of a wine and paint party without the wine and a very creepy 50 year old teacher
with wandering hands. I learned what I could because painting was the first thing that sparked my mind. All I could think of was leaving the group and going to art school. In 2012 I took my first art class at Moorpark College and excluding a few bumps along the way, have been
painting ever since.

How would you describe the message of your artwork?
I consider my art to have been just pretty pictures until Dec 23, 2015, when I got the phone call my dad was found hanging in his apartment. Since then I have been obsessed with portraits of my family, seeing in their faces how we moved on. I plan on doing paintings about the culture and beliefs of the cult. I also do commission work and lineman art as a way to support my art career.

How did you become affiliated with the RAW Artist Showcase?
A RAW team member reached out to me through my Etsy shop asking me if I would like to be a part of Houston’s RAW Artist Showcase last year, the show went great and I was invited back this year as well.

How can people reach you, so that they can patronize you and/or purchase your artwork?
People can follow me @a.chipmanart to see my work or ask me anything. I also have my Etsy shop where I sell lineman paintings and commissioned work called AMERICANMADELINEART: