(Photos provided by the designers, via Fresh Off The Rail)

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street!

As you may or may not know, the time for Houston Fashion Week (March 7th – 11th) is upon us, STREETWEAR fashion week that is!

I was fortunate to catch up with the organizers of this event, Fresh Off The Rail, and they were able to connect me with 3 of the designers showcasing pieces all throughout this week (Shisty shows on March 9th; both Palacose & Risk Is Key show on March 11th).

I decided that I wanted to give them all a chance to speak their piece regarding their brands, how they got into streetwear and what’s next for them.

As always, feel free to speak your piece in the comments and let us know if YOU are going to be there!


Who are you and where are you from?

Ezla: My name is Ezla Lewis and I am the creative director of Palacose and I am from Yokosuka, Japan.

Vernell: My name is Vernell Moore Jr and I am a Houston native who is also an HCC Fashion Design student.

Kenneth: My name is Kenneth Shittu. I am from Houston, TX, [specifically] the Southwest area, more commonly known as Alief.

What got you into streetwear?

Ezla: I always knew what streetwear was since I was young, I always appreciated the culture and style behind it. I started to really get into it even more ever since I moved to Houston because there weren’t many people into streetwear yet so I started Palacose, seeing streetwear evolve to where it is now it’s absolutely amazing.

Vernell: I developed a passion for fashion at an early age. In school, we wore boring uniforms and everyone looked the same. I was always trying to figure out how to create unique looks. After following trends and other designers for years it wasn’t until a senior school project on Ralph Lauren that I became inspired to create my own brand.

Kenneth: Honestly, I just got tired of wearing other people’s clothes. I have always had the [ability] to combine colors and concepts, especially from artists who inspire me. So when it came to making my pieces, it is just something I do and it is a blessing.

Tell us about your brand and what is the overall concept?

Ezla: Palacose was created to bring more positivity, creativity, and belief into fashion. As the creative director, I want to show the world how those three traits can be expressed through our garments and shows. We work to inspire others to push their creative abilities in the most positive way while believing in themselves.

Vernell: The concept of my brand is revealed in the name, Risk is Key. Taking risks in life is the key to fulfillment, happiness, and peace. We strive to explore the boundaries and labels placed upon us in our everyday lives through fashion.

Kenneth: Shisty is something that came naturally to me. The word, “Shisty”, came from the word, “sheisty”. I just combined my last name with that word, which produced “Shisty”.

What is the next step for you, post-Houston Streetwear Fashion Week?

Ezla: The next step after Houston street-wear fashion week is to complete our other two fashion shows in March, and be a part of other fashion weeks across the globe.

Vernell: After Fresh Off The Rail, we will be working on adding more looks to our women’s collection and preparing for Spring/Summer 2018. We hope to participate in the next season for NYFW by debuting a presentation in the fall.

Kenneth: Just to continue to be consistent in what I do with my merch, [produce] concept videos/shoots and spreading my brand’s reach. Honestly, I let the clothes do the talking, [because] I am just more thankful than anything to God for everything going on. I just want to be able to support the many people who have dreams but are too scared of social drawbacks to chase it.

What practical advice do you have to give to the young person that is seeking to get started in the fashion design world?

Ezla: Do everything you can to put your ideas out there and just do it. Don’t second guess yourself, be confident, believe and create.

Vernell: Research and learn as much as you can about the designers you admire and don’t be insecure about asking questions from others in the industry. Don’t be fearful to follow your own path and not just the latest trends.

Kenneth: There are no parameters to what a person can create. If you have a genuine passion for the craft [of designing and the making of a brand] and are truly in it for the love of making clothes, God will make it happen. I see clothes as an expression of what goes on in one’s mind and a clear picture of one’s soul. So, for any individual wanting to start in this industry, just stay true to what made you want it, those nights you lay in your bed at night and stare at your ceiling. And no matter how big you get, or the amount of notoriety received, never forget where you came from because that is what will get you to where you aspire to be.

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