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Before the madness of SXSW, Don Toliver is already having his own personal showcase moment.

For years, the main problem with Houston artists is not that people didn’t relate to the culture down here, because they obviously love it, but the musical identity didn’t translate to the rest of the world. In other words, people outside of Houston don’t feel our music like that, but Don Toliver is changing that narrative.

Houston’s own Don Toliver is rapidly gaining notoriety in the rap game, and he’s doing it by completely dominating SoundCloud of all places.

His first two singles “Diva,” and “I Gotta” each reached about 100,000 streams and his latest release “Make Summ” has passed over 50,000 in less than a month.

Chedda Da Connect and the We Run It Empire found themselves a gem in Toliver. Right out of the Southwest Alief area of Houston, Toliver’s style effortlessly epitomizes what hip-hop is now, and that’s what Houston has been missing. He’s young, trendy, makes lively music and most importantly, people are outside of the city are being receptive to him.

His lyrical content isn’t dramatically different from what everybody else in hip-hop is saying, but his energetic delivery is what distinguishes him. Just like most rappers, he’s talking trapping, stacking, and all of the universal activities that go on in hip-hop culture, but the upbeat tireless rhyme scheme is like nothing you’ve heard before. It’s a new fresh sound most ears aren’t familiar with, and it’ll get you hooked.

It is almost unheard of for a Houston artist to receive this much support from the city and from the rest of the world simultaneously and that’s what separates Toliver from everybody else. Recently, he announced via Instagram that he plans on dropping his debut mixtape Donny Womack soon, but if you need to get more familiar with Don Toliver, check out his new video “Make Summ” below or just click here.

Kevin Kease is a writer and alumnus of Grambling State University. You can find him on Twitter at @NahlejOne.

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