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I’m really out here, doing my best to cover streetwear in all of its facets! From the well known, international brands, to the just started yesterday brands, and EVERYTHING (that is DOPE) in between. So, logically, the perfect way for me to find a LOT of brands at one time is to go to where the brands gather: tradeshows, festivals, and conventions. L.O.U.D. Muzik, the “#1 independent label in the country”, is having a festival on June 16, 2018 called “L.O.U.D. FEST” and when I saw this flier, I got excited:

Then I saw the homie, T. Piper, was also involved with the fest (on the beat battle side of it) here:

So then, I said, “Who is the person over L.O.U.D. FEST”? Then, I found the answer: Derrick McKinney.

Read this interview, as we go through the excitement of building up a festival that has a bunch of moving parts, giving streetwear an opportunity to shine, and giving to a worthy cause.


Tell us who you are and where you are from?

[My name is] Derrick D. Thomas-McKinney, CEO/FOUNDER of L.O.U.D. Muzik, L.O.U.D. Sports, & L.O.U.D. Fest. (Writer’s Note: I went back and asked Derrick where was he from. He told me that he was born in San Antonio, but moved to Houston in 1992.)

How did you get into streetwear?

I worked for FUBU, Akademiks, & Headgear Sportswear as their national marketing director, so I’ve always been into fashion & worked in the industry. [However]; as times changed and the game evolved, streetwear gave a lot of young cats the opportunity to make it.

What made you start L.O.U.D. Muzik?
I started L.O.U.D. Muzik because I was tired of making other artists & labels rich. I’ve worked for a couple of brands & labels and I wanted to do it for myself. Also, I wanted to give Houston artists a real record company that was based here in the city.
What is L.O.U.D. Fest?
L.O.U.D. Fest is a festival that highlights Houston and our culture. We will be showcasing over 20 live performances from Indie Rock, Pop, EDM, Rap, and R&B artists at the Houston landmark, Raven Tower (310 North St., 77009). We also will be having a live DJ (hosted by DJ GT) , Rap (hosted by Doughbeezy), & Producer battle (hosted by T. Piper of Day & A Dream) at L.O.U.D. Fest. We also donate a portion of all proceeds to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.
How exactly will streetwear fashion be involved in the L.O.U.D. Fest?
Streetwear lines will be able to come out and showcase their lines in front of a couple of thousand people, and sell their apparel. An opportunity to introduce their brands to new consumers.
For someone that is young and desiring to be in both the music and fashion industry, what advice do you have?
My advice would be to educate yourself on your craft. Stop going off of what you see on social media. Buy a book, take a class, find a mentor and actually understand the business of what you want to do. OUT WORK EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!!!  Put in the time to really be great.
Mark June 16, 2018 on your calendar and show up to the L.O.U.D. Festival at Raven Tower!