mardi to the hills

Mardi breaks up the the monotony for his newest single.

Out in the hills, things sound and feel different. Everything comes with an attached haze to it. Mardi, the Houston rapper who spent plenty of his previous songs living it up around such a haze fully dives in on “To The Hills.” Self-produced and arranged, Mardi takes a scene of his surroundings, the mixtures of lights, drugs, and lifestyle. “And we dodging all the fractions / Stacking paper, no subtracting,” he raps. “Writing verses stuck in traffic / Say my n*ggas living tragic.”

Even if the West finds a way to find too many women and people wanting to drag him down, Mardi already has his purpose laid out. “To The Hills” is a record for his friends, to be as disrespectful and bold as possible. Stream it on the platform of your choice here or on Apple Music below.