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My wife put me on to this party the other day and I was intrigued, to say the least. Upon doing more research I found that the promoter, did another party, based off of the world renown sneaker brand, adidas. Now, he is coming through with another party, based off of another CLASSIC brand, Polo/Ralph Lauren.

In this succinct interview (my shortest interview to date), we cover all the basics. Check it out and as always, leave a comment at the bottom!


(All photos provided by Mr. Gentry)

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Keto Gentry and I am from Houston, TX.

How did you get started doing promotions?

I got started doing promotions being around other promoters & doing special events with them.

What got you into themed parties, like your adidas party, which was huge from what I saw online!

Honestly, God tells me in my sleep. It’s revealed to me there.

What made you choose the Polo/Ralph Lauren brand for this upcoming one?

What made me choose the Polo theme party was because, of course, I like Polo and I did it last year and it was a success, so I thought to do it again.

Where and when is this one going to be?

The Ralph Lauren Polo Party will be at Sharespace (2201 Preston), on March 11th, from 6pm-2am. Free food & beverages. The is a cover charge at the door, or click link below (the flier).

What is some practical advice for a person that is looking to go into the party promotion industry?

My advice to anyone who would be interested in party promotions/consulting, I would say customer service is very important, love people & treat this like a business and not a hustle.

If you are interested in attending this event, click the flier below and show up in your BEST Polo/Ralph Lauren gear. I definitely will do the same!

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  1. Tresa

    Most of all Keto’s events are nice and classy. Keto you going places my brother. I am proud of you. See you on the 11th of March.

  2. Monika

    As usual, the Democrats are using the bodies of our children to advance their political agenda. They seemed to have their press releases and fund raising fliers printed before the smoke cleared. Never mind that the local Police failed to investigate 18 reports of danger. Never mind that the FBI failed to investigate 2 tips sent DIRECTLY to them. No, we have to blame “the gun for the failure to act by so many. Now they have co-opted this young lady to join their cause. Does she realize how she is being used?

  3. Fernando

    I voted no because airlines need the ancillary revenue. But that is really obnoxious that the flight attendant allowed this to happen. I thought people were generally limited to just two alcoholic drinks per flight, maybe things have changed but I”ve never seen this sort of thing happen on an airplane before (I guess if people keep paying for them, they”re not going to be turned down). I don”t see how they can compensate the passenger for what happened but some frequent flier miles to show that they still value his business might not be a bad idea. The flight attendant should get a reprimand at the very least.


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