Rocky Banks does Hype Williams proud in the music video for his “Dopeman” single.

Every Rocky Banks fan has a different favorite song from ‘Big Little Brother.’

We know this because the Ambassador of the Yellow Heart held a concert at The Secret Group this past weekend; performed his latest LP in its entirety; and was met with hype and full heart from the crowd for every single song he did.

“Through the Phone” was the song from ‘BLB’ with the most potential as a radio single. “Dopeman,” though,” was easily a close second. The booming, body-rocking instrumental, coupled with Banks’ self-assured flow and storytelling, created a record that’s still essential for house parties and outdoor functions.

Now “Dopeman” has a set of visuals to go along with it, directed by Banks himself and Bird Medina.

“I wrote the record from the approach of a buyer and a seller,” Banks told HighSnobiety, who premiered the music video. “Saying ‘I’m the Dopeman,’ or ‘the DOPE… man,’ is me understanding that I cannot contribute to the regression of my community by selling them the wrong content in my product, my music, my dope.”

“Dopeman’s” music video isn’t as bombastic as the track itself is, but it doesn’t need to be. All Banks has to do is post up in a nearby corner store, his posse in tow, and treat the store like his personal playground. He tosses dollars with reckless abandon between the aisles, but also double checks the money in the back storeroom.

But the coolest thing about “Dopeman’s” visual is the tribute it pays to groundbreaking music video director Hype Williams in its execution. Pops of color and contrast? Check. The letterbox format that is Williams’ signature? Check. There’s even a hilarious moment in the video when Rocky revives the most iconic (or at least, the most meme worthy) moment from Hype’s directorial debut.

Watch Rocky Banks’ “Dopeman” visuals up top. The rapper’s ‘Big Little Brother’ project is out now on iTunes.