Erva Carter says “Night N’ Day” is meant for “dancing on the moon.” Hear the singer’s latest single exclusively via Day & A Dream.

Miss Martian has taken her talents out West.

Houston-born singer-songwriter Erva Carter relocated to L.A. earlier this month. But while her location may have changed, her out of this world aesthetic is still the same. When Carter premiered ‘Transformer,’ her upcoming debut EP, in full before select tastemakers in Houston at a private listening for the EP in February, “Night N’ Day” stood out as a fan favorite.

Rightfully so, Carter is releasing “Night N’ Day” as ‘Transformer’s’ second single (the first was last fall’s “Euphoria”). And Day & A Dream has the privilege of exclusively premiering it.

If “Euphoria” was Erva’s attempt to make EDM seductive, then “Night N’ Day” is something that can only be described as “DiscoSoul.” That’s largely because of producer Justin “8mos” Lewis, who crafts a shimmering, ’70s-era instrumental with funky snares and keys and guitar strums in the breaks. 8mos’s beat makes Carter’s voice sound out of this world. No, literally – she sounds like she’s broadcasting a message of connection to someone foreign.

I can feel your frequency from miles away,” Erva sings. She means someone in the same space as her, but she might as well be addressing another martian. Carter’s attempt to recreate Donna Summer aside, “Night N’ Day” is vulnerable and beautiful. But it’s so upbeat and infectious, that listeners will be too busy grooving to notice at first.

Stream Erva Carter’s “Night N’ Day” single, produced by 8Mos, for yourself down below. While Erva’s debut EP ‘Transformer’ won’t arrive until later this Spring, you can grab “Night N’ Day” off iTunes now.