KenTheMan anoints herself “Miss Who Rap Hoes Fear” in the colorful visuals for her “New Freezer Freestyle.”

After spending the last couple of years dropping solid singles of her own and doing damage on others’ instrumentals, KenTheMan has a project, ‘What a Beautiful Fuccin Day,’ coming this Spring. In title alone, the tape embodies what she is: a lady through and through, but as raw as they come, too.

Back in January, KenTheMan teased a track called “New Freezer” on her Instagram. Like “Roll in Peace” before it, it was expected that “New Freezer” would be her take on the now-viral Rich the Kid and Kendrick Lamar collab. But save some artwork, Ken’s “New Freezer” remake never came to pass.

Until today.

Whether KenTheMan was just waiting for the right time or the right number of people to finally give her the credit where it was due, the Houston emcee unveiled her “New Freezer Freestyle” Tuesday night on Twitter. The freestyle closes out a busy February for the rapper, one in which she not only dropped her “You Ain’t Special” single but also guest-starred in Mike Checc’s “Her” video. Rather than just giving her fans the song by itself, she also shared a set of visuals to go along with the freestyle.

With Spike The Designer directing, KenTheMan dons pink rhinestone shades with the knee-high boots and unicorn headpiece to match. But where “You Ain’t Special’s” video had Ken cooped up in the house, “New Freezer’s” visuals have the rapper hanging with a pair ladies who literally become sexy bunnies in the clip.

The eye candy, the jiggling asses, the multi-colored Blow Pops and rainbow-print thigh high socks – they’re just decoration. Because KenTheMan’s flow is the centerpiece here. One second, she’s reminding listeners of the beauty before them (“I know I’m a snack and an edible/ I ain’t a bad b*tch – I am terrible”). The next she’s in her cocky bag, bragging, “You know I don’t need no f*ckin’ cosign to get out the city!” All this with no hook and all bars. She makes a valid point.

But there’s one question more pressing than any other about KenTheMan’s “New Freezer” video: when the hell did she manage to find weather THIS pretty in the H in February?

Watch KenTheMan’s “New Freezer Freestyle” visuals for yourself up top. The rapper’s ‘What a Beautiful Fuccin’ Day’ mixtape is on the way.