German R&B duo GOLDA has #ThePulse by way of their “Nobody” single and its “entrapped soul” sound.

All R&B is about the feeling, but that feeling doesn’t always have to be love. In fact, some of the best R&B is dark, brooding, and even a little self-destructive.

The latter feeling is what describes GOLDA. A mysterious duo hailing from Berlin, Germany on the Majestic Casual label, GOLDA might call to mind the sound of The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, or even Houston’s own Wolfe de Mçhls. The group’s name comes from the concept of “Golda” as an actual person.

“Golda is pervertedly extrovert yet inexplicably shy,” Day & A Dream was told in an email. “She ended up in an artisanal city, getting lost in the liberating nightlife. Abandoning sleep cause she’s afraid to close her eyes, Golda’s only comfort lies in music. Dark, sweaty, drug-infested R&B music that reflects her inner self.”

“Dark” and “drug-infested” seems like the perfect way to describe “Nobody,” GOLDA’s latest single, which released on Friday. It’s bleak and it’s black… but it’s engrossing, too. The hypnotic snare and light synths on the beat, coupled with GOLDA’s airy vocals, cast a spell that the listener won’t be able to shake. “Nobody, I don’t f*ck with nobody – high-speed, top-seat, I’m about mine!” the duo recklessly croon on the track’s catchy hook.

“Nobody” just might be the ideal love song for loners. And while their identity may be a secret still, there’s one thing we do know: GOLDA can make the bad things sound damn good. Bryson Tiller may have ushered in “TrapSoul,” but GOLDA are the newest torchbearers of “Entrapped Soul.” For that reason, they’ve got #ThePulse, and we look forward to following their journey through the darkness.

Stream GOLDA’s “Nobody” single for yourself down below. As an added bonus, you can stream the mysterious pair’s previous slow-burner of a single, “Villain,” below as well.