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If you have known me for any stretch of time, especially within the last 5 years, you know that I am UNDEFEATED’s biggest fan.

Point blank, period; however, I have to be honest though: I haven’t purchased anything of the brand in a few seasons.

Why, might you ask? Simple: I didn’t see anything that compelled me to buy it. I dunno. I think that it was really a combination of a lot of the behind the scenes activity (read: business moves) that began to interfere with the product. Again, this is ALL conjecture. I don’t have anyone on the inside giving me information, but I feel that I have been following the brand long enough to see the changes.

This Spring / Summer first drop though is fire! I can tell they went back to the basics for this one. The colorways, the silhouettes, everything!

I think that my favorite piece in this collection is the Black Rose Rugby shirt. Classic cut and, I’m sure it will be a classic fit.

The camp caps are all clean and sleek, and they come in neutral colors that can go with ANYTHING!

I also really dig the tote bags because you don’t always need a backpack.

Finally, the chenille “Five Strikes” rug in Red, White & Blue would feel great under the toes.

If you are as big an UNDEFEATED fan as me, then you will want to go to

and buy up the ENTIRE STORE! 

SHOUTOUT to Eddie, James, and Eric: y’all have hit a homerun!