On “You Ain’t Special,” KenTheMan reminds men that she can be cold when she’s pushed to be.

“When shit don’t add up, I can do the math/ and once I’m done, I don’t ever backtrack – I ain’t ever comin’ back!”

KenTheMan takes two things very seriously: her money and her time. When someone poses a threat to either, the Houston emcee smartens up and cut them off quickly.

That’s the spirit behind Ken’s latest single, “You Ain’t Special.” In the vein of her breakout single “Deserve,” the track is another case of the rapper getting fed up with being mistreated and simply letting a bad person go.

“You Ain’t Special” was premiered on Valentine’s Day via a new music video, co-directed by the rapper herself and PhotosByJazmine. The solo affair depicts KenTheMan in her apartment, lounging around yet still managing to look good in the process. Whether she’s on the floor stretching in a pair of orange panties and a tee; or showing off her body in the mirror in red lingerie, viewers might wonder who would dare leave this lady alone.

But a close listen to “You Ain’t Special” reveals why. KenTheMan has always been much more than eye candy, and her single functions as both a way of humbling the men who do her wrong, and her reassessing what she puts her time towards.

N*ggas replaceable/ No, I ain’t savin’ hoes,” Ken insists on the track. “I got that lazy love – I don’t be chasin’ em!” Producer YoungTaylor also switches things up from Ken’s usual M.O. on the beat. It’s not upbeat like “Lurkin'” or hard-bangin like “Roll in Peace Freestyle.” Rather, “You Ain’t Special’s” scaled-back, snare-driven instrumental is slow enough for KenTheMan to deliver every bar with precision. Ken’s not alone because someone left her behind. She’s alone because she chose herself over the bullsh*t.

Watch the video for KenTheMan’s “You Ain’t Special” single up top. The single can be bought now on iTunes.