jack freeman jack of all trades

Jack Freeman’s fourth episode of Jack Of All Trades features everybody’s favorite photog, Greg Noire.

“Aye, can you get my picture, man?” Greg Noire’s heard the statement more than a thousand times, if not more. The Dallas to Houston transplant made the swap from beats to camera work around the same time his brother Free did the inverse. Now Noire is one of the more sought-after concert photographers in the country, if not the world. From being one of Solange’s favorites to the guy who has taken the best portraits of Childish Gambino at his best, Noire has made black and white an artform.

On the fourth episode of the Jack Of All Trades podcast, Noire sits in with Jack Freeman for a weird cross promotion moment. The two sit back and discuss Greg’s first camera, the passion behind his work, being a doting husband and father and more. The two even bring up the differences between working and not working in Houston and his ordeal with the infamous Fyre Festival. Plus, because it’s customary when the crew is all back together, Tubo and Todd Louis get joked on something serious.

Hear the two-hour episode down below. Subscribe to Greg’s podcast, The Greg Noire Show on iTunes. Subscribe to Jack Of All Trades on iTunes.