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I have been waiting to post this article because I did not want it to be lost in the sauce of the Black Panther film release and Drake’s video premiere. One thing that I have always been a fan of is supporting local businesses. It is important to support locally owned businesses, due to the fact that one should seek to circulate the dollar within the community.

Another thing that I am a fan of is supporting Black-owned businesses. As a Black person, I feel that this is important so that the youth can see more than just “working a job”: they can envision being in business for themselves.

Below, I want to list the small businesses that are Black-owned and local, so that, if you feel supremely inclined, then you can find these brands and handsomely support them.

NEGAST – The first company that I want to showcase is Negast. They came into being in 2015, as a way to “make brands already loved available on sneakers”.

Many of the shoes that they are making are actually revised NIKE & other shoes brand models. Such as the above model, which is the Air Max 90, or like the shoe below, which is a RBG version of the Converse Chuck Taylor high top:

All of the models are very affordable and they look great in pictures. If you are about that RBG life, then grab a pair at the following website:

RBG TEES – I had to meet the brother that runs this brand at a Kwanzaa Celebration in Houston, TX at the Shrine of The Black Madonna. From the first time I saw this brand, I was completely floored by both the quality and the sheer dopeness of the branding flip, such as the shirt below:

This is a Kemetic re-imagination of the RUN DMC album cover, Tougher Than Leather.

If you want more clothing from them, then please feel free to reach out to them on the following website

I have to admit that Afr-Letics is probably the most original and visually stunning Afrocentric brands out right now. Period. Watch the commercial about and go to their website below:

Inclusive Randomness – I had the chance to meet Nzingah, the founder and creative force behind this brand, at a collective pop-up shop a couple of months ago. I was not only wow’ed by the power of her name, but by the humor and levity of her buttons.

Check them out here:


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