Jay-Von, Relli, Preach Coldtrain, and Rob Gullatte “Bring The Pain” in a 2018 take on a Method Man classic.

Old school rap heads will always remember ‘Tical.’ It was not only Method Man’s debut album, but it’s a hallmark project in East Coast rap. The first taste of ‘Tical’ for many was “Bring The Pain,” a three-minute barrage of lyrics from Meth where he promised to make short work of any who dared to hang with him.

More than twenty years after the original “Bring The Pain” surfaced, that instrumental is the latest rap classic to be chosen for Jay-Von’s 2018 Friday freestyle series. As with last week’s “For The Family Freestyle” and all the ones before it, the “Bring the Pain Freestyle” was made with DJ MoSama overseeing it all and Relli on the boards. But whereas Method Man’s original was a one-man show, Von’s “Bring The Pain Freestyle” is an all-city posse cut with four different emcees representing their ‘hoods.

Rob Gullatte – fresh off dropping one of the best albums out of the city last year with ‘Gullactic Visions‘ – kicks things off, becoming a half-bully, half-assassin with his gravelly flow. “Genocide for rap n*ggas,” Gullatte anoints himself, “Like the CIA for crack dealers.” Rob passes the baton to Preach Coldtrain, who revives his former moniker Express for his verse. If “2 Dope Boyz” was Preach’s return to the forefront, then “Bring The Pain Freestyle” is his insistence that he’s going nowhere no time soon: “You better come with your best sh*t, because the Express Train ain’t nothin’ to mess with!”

Jay-Von posts up at the third verse, employing a rapid-fire flow. He may have the shortest verse of them all, but he packs as much as he can into his bars. He not only proudly argues that he can make others’ records better (check his freestyle resume); but isn’t afraid to insert a sinister threat or two, as well (“Talkin’ that Duck sh*t, might get you abducted”).

But Von is mostly a conductor, and he tosses the final lob to Relli to slam the last verse home. Relli usually sticks to producing. Von even tells him “I thought you was retired!” in the song’s outro. But as Michael Jordan and Rob Gullatte taught us, when you’re good at what you do, you can’t stay away from the game too long. Relli makes up for lost time, rapping for a minute-plus and his creativity through the roof. “They kept asking questions, ‘Do Relli go hard?” Relli recounts, and after this appearance, the “they” in question will have gotten their answer.

Take a listen to Jay-Von’s “Bring The Pain Freestyle,” featuring Preach Coldtrain, Rob Gullatte, and Relli down below. It turns out that Jay-Von is extending a challenge to other emcees as well, though. He’s announced the “#BringThePainChallenge”/”#WhereUFromChallenge,” through which other rappers can shout-out where they’re from and offer up bars of their own over Meth’s beat. The Challenge is underway on Instagram should anyone choose to accept it.