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Dreams versus love. Jamie Hancock argues in favor of his dreams on “Stingy” feat. Damaria.

“My time not flexible, for you I stretch.”

Jamie Hancock is in a bit of dilemma. The price of success means that someone is going to be neglected. As much as he’s trying to reassure his lady that he’s not straying away, his main focus is obtaining and achieving his dream. “Stingy,” the latest single from the Sincerely, Me rapper features Damaria asking the important question. “Why you acting all stingy? Must be someone else around taking you from me.”

Throughout the single, Hancock is playing the role of a convincer. He’s laying it down to a point where being in the present will sow far more fruit in the ground that the future. And it still causes a rift between he and his number one. Because as strong as she may be, how strong can she be while he chases something only he thinks is inevitable? We’re all a little crazy out here. The Anthem produced track strings along a thick bass line and Jamie professing his love for both his passions and his lady. Figuring it out for the both of them may mean he’s going to lose something.

Stream Jamie Hancock’s “Stingy” featuring Damaria below. Sincerely, Me, the anticipated project from the “Hennything” rapper is on the way.

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  1. Album Review: Jamie Hancock - 'Sincerely, Me (Demo)'

    […] “Stingy,” Hancock’s battle with aspirations over love alongside Houston songbird Damaria, is even heavier following Jamie’s confession on “9000 Bissonnet” that he “almost lost his life.” And though he begins the album by declaring that he has no worries, just one track later, Jamie acknowledges that staying steady and keeping going “Ain’t Easy.” “I left home at 23 and moved closer to the beach,” Hancock recounts on the song, before revealing that going after his dreams had him sleeping on the streets. “This ain’t how it’s supposed to be.” […]


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