Step off the beaten path with these five sneaker companies.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

Time and time again, I get asked to write about sneakers, mostly the popular brands that EVERYONE knows about: Nike, adidas, Jordan Brands, Reebok, and all of the others. In my experience as a “journalist”, I have always sought out to bring to the attention streetwear brands that may not be able to bring themselves to the attention of the people who they are seeking to reach: YOU!

Now, that I am off of the soapbox, check out these five brands and, as always, tell us what you think about the brands named here!

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Babolat, founded in 1875, is the oldest brand related to racket sports (tennis, badminton, etc) in the world. They are also the oldest shoe brand on our list, releasing their first shoe in 2003, in partnership with the rubber producing legend, Michellin. Go to their website, https://www.babolat.us/ to find more information about the brand and to see all of the various styles available for purchase!

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I have to admit that Fronteer is one of my personal favorites on this list; however, for some reason, I have yet to see more people rocking this brand. Quality materials, well-made construction, and a number of bold colors, these outdoor activities pieces are the new wave. The brand was started by Jon Tang in 2015 as a way to create a shoe that he had yet to see on the market. Check out FRONTEER on their website: https://fronteer.us/ and find something fresh.

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Some time ago, I started to see this brand pop-up on my Facebook feed (https://www.facebook.com/D3THECONCRETE/ if you were wondering). Crossover Culture, debuted this year, is a heavily promoted, basketball shoe and apparel brand. Acclaimed by other lifestyles blogs, as an avid competitor to Nike & adidas, the BIG 2 basketball shoe brands, it is currently in partnership with Eastbay, a long time mail & online order store. Personally, I think BBB has the current claim to that, but that’s a different story for a different day (which you can check out here: BIG BALLER BRAND). The shoe looks cool and I don’t want to discourage you from looking at this brand, so go there right now: https://www.crossoverculture.com/.

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iri is the most avant-garde brand on our list. This was another brand that I saw all over social media. I think that brands now are foregoing the traditional promotion methods and are investing more into appearing where the youth culture is: on apps that they use all the time (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, etc.). Janet Yung founded her brand in 2016 with her creative partner, Latif Nawab. Quite frankly, if I went to haute couture fashion shows all the time and got paid to travel EVERYWHERE, I would probably wear this brand. If you are interested in being the talk of the party, then go to this brand’s website: irinyc.com.

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I am so glad to FINALLY get the opportunity to write about this brand! It took me about three days to find the name of this brand and here it is: ARC Originals. Austin Yule was 21 years old when he founded this brand. Judging from the look of this shoe, he is wise beyond his years, when it comes to cobbling (shoemaking). The shoe is really dope and, did I mention that it is the ONLY sneaker brand founded in Scotland! Go get it on their website: https://www.arcoriginals.com/.


Check out these brands and if you see something that you like, do your best to support them!

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