stockz playa like me

Stockz takes on a little DJ Quik and adds some melody for “Playa Like Me.”

As long as he’s been in Los Angeles, Stockz has been hipped to the sounds of DJ Quik. The Compton producer perhaps deserves more recognition than he gets, an artist whose spent more than three decades making the jewel of the West sound and feel fresh. “Born & Raised In Compton,” one of Quik’s earliest smash hits with the Isaac Hayes sample leads off with recognition and bombast. Stockz, on the other hand, is a wee bit different. Being a relaxed, chill young rap star is what he’s managed to perfect.

On “Playa Like Me,” the Quik line gets repurposed into more slick talk from the Houston-to-Cali rapper. Is he talking about your main chick after you splurge on Valentine’s Day because she’d rather be treated by him? Yes. Are you going to do anything about it? Probably not. Never in the history of these “rappers tell you about how they stole your girl” moments has there been any comeuppance. Stockz figures there isn’t going to be any either. “I’m moonwalkin’ on the beat like it’s glitter on my toes,” he raps. “And I’m sippin’ liquor ’til I see my liver on the flo’.”

See? Told you. Watch the “Playa Like Me” video from Stockz now.