Mike Checc’s “Her” single gets an official set of visuals to match, with a cameo from Houston rapper KenTheMan.

“Look, baby, I don’t know what you really want, but I got more than you need…”

Mike Checc easily has one of the grittiest flows in the entire city of Houston. Hard-hitting delivery is even more synonymous with the Houston emcee than his token gold fronts. But the 7TEEN5 ambassador’s ‘The Mike Checc’ tape is on the way in just a few days, and one thing Mike wants his fans and listeners to know, is that he’s not so easily categorized.

For the last “#MikeCheccMondays” prior to ‘The Mike Checc’s’ release, Mike Checc debuted a new single, “Her,” with a set of visuals to match. And last night, at Avant Garden in Midtown, he gave those in attendance a preview of the entire mixtape. The thing that stood out for many at the listening? How the rapper was willing to take more chances. “The Experiment,” ‘The Checc In’s’ second single of sorts, was just the beginning of Mike trying to go in a different direction and change up his style a little bit. The tape touches an array of topics from violence in the community, to an open and honest tribute to the rapper’s belated brother.

But “Her” stands out for a reason, perhaps because it’s the first real time that Mike Checc has shown his softer side. When DJ Candlestick dropped the song for the crowd at Avant, it was an instant favorite. Its hook runs almost like a grown up lullaby (“Come on, baby girl, let’s take a ride,” Mike insists. “Ain’t got work in the mornin’, so come spend the night”), and producer Mac1032’s smooth beat adding to that mood even more. When Mike tells the woman he’s spitting his game to “rest your her feet,” he offers his face as a worthy seat.

“Her’s” video is another departure from Mike’s usual style. Frequent collaborator Barf HTX is behind the lens for “Her,” and for once, it’s not Mike all his lonesome. The rapper has company, in the form of fellow Houston emcee KenTheMan, and Barf is sure to get all of Ken’s good sides as she plays Mike’s love interest of sorts. Sharp and crisp with a cinematic feel to it all, Ken looks over at Mike with wonder and plays with his hair as the rapper shares his feelings honestly. Mike would do it all for “Her,” and it’s very easy to see why.

Watch the visuals for Mike Checc’s “Her” single up top. Mike Checc’s ‘The Checc In’ mixtape touches down on February 19th.