jon s done video

Over the b.s. that the world tends to offer, Jon S states his feelings plain for “Done.”

If you’re Jon S, taking a drive and admitting your frustrations with the world is better than therapy. If you’re Jon S and you place those frustrations into music, you announce everything that you love and everything that you hate. “Done,” the latest video from his upcoming FR1ENDS album puts him in a land of comfort: his own isolation. Where better to get a message off when it’s only you around and nobody can interpret your thoughts funny? “I’m done with you lames,” he says before dismissing people who only chase fame. “I’m done with the cops, killing the blacks, killing the browns / Why you think we call you the ops?”

Watch the “Done” video from Jon S below. Even as the Houston rapper carries a little liquid courage with him, all his thoughts are valid and real – to him anyway. FR1ENDS is out later this month.